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Travel Haus Business Spotlight

If you’ve always wanted to travel to exotic places, but have been too afraid of the unknowns, Travel Haus in Souderton can help. Not only can they physically guide you on group trips, but they are your advocate through the whole process. Suzi Berry’s 35 years of experience enables her clients to just relax and enjoy the trip.

Suzi and her team work for you in helping plan your trip, booking flights and accommodations, and helping you as any problems arise. Not only can they match the low prices that you may find online, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra to use Travel Haus. Travel Haus is a full service travel agency specializing in cruises, groups, tours, destination weddings, honeymoons, and family vacations. They also offer services for couples to register for their honeymoon and plan destination weddings, where brides are helped through the seamless process to create their dream wedding.

Travel Haus professional consultants are always getting the latest trainings on the current cruises, tours, and destinations. They also scout out various locations and hotels beforehand to ensure that their clients have the best experience.

You can travel with Suzi and her consultants on group trips to Europe and exotic destinations. The 2020 group trips are tentatively scheduled for Greece, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. Traveling with a tour guide, puts you at ease knowing you’re with someone who speaks the language and has knowledge of the customs.

Travel Haus is a constant support to those in and around Souderton. They are always giving back to the community. Through their recent fundraiser, they are donating the proceeds of $500 to the Keystone Opportunity Center. We’re so happy that “Travel Haus is here to stay.”

Travel Haus


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