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Chronotek, Inc. Business Spotlight

Chronotek, Inc. is a watch repair shop and so much more. Inside I discovered a skilled craftsman passing on his love of the trade. Michael Scriniere graduated from Bowman Technical School, America’s oldest watch making and repair school. After almost 40 years as a watchmaker, he and his wife, Karen, brought Chronotek, Inc. to be directly on Broad Street in Souderton and love the close community interaction.

They don’t shy away from challenging restoration projects that other watch shops turn down, sometimes spending months to satisfy their clients by restoring dials and making discontinued parts from scratch. Their steady hands and precision allow them to manufacture broken parts sometimes as small as 1/100th mm on a lathe. Having Chronotek, Inc. refinish your watch goes beyond just polishing, which can remove detail and distort the shape. Their careful process maintains the integrity of the watch and makes it look like new.

Michael recommends bringing your watch in for maintenance every 5-7 years. Their team will completely dismantle the watch, replace all the gaskets and worn internal parts, oiling, and giving it an ultrasonic cleaning. Ensuring the watches are completely water-resistant is also part of the service that is offered.

Everyone at Chronotek, Inc. is excited about what they do. Repairing old watches never gets old, especially when bringing family heirlooms back to life.

Chronotek, Inc.

123 E BROAD STREET SOUDERTON, PA 18964 (215) 799-1912 •

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