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The Burger Shop Business Spotlight

The family behind Caruso Brick Oven Trattoria has embarked on a mission to expand into other cuisines. But what was the inspiration for this new venture?

"The Burger Shop was a concept we thought would fit in this town. We’ve been in business for so long, and decided to work with the concept that everything would be about a specialized type of food; no service, no host, but rather an easily run and simple eating experience, with extraordinary food.” – Joe Chiaro

The new dining venue, simply named “The Burger Shop,” is named as such because it means everything, as Joe stated. It’s easy to remember, and it tells you what the establishment is all about; Burgers! Simply styled, with fresh ingredients and only a few variations; you'll know no matter what that your burger will be savory and delicious! But The Burger Shop is only the beginning. “We have other buildings, and we’re working on other ideas with the same easy-to-run concept; a soup and salad location, with homemade, fresh food. We’re also thinking about opening a donut shop. We have buildings in Souderton to start doing that, so we want to do that one step at a time, but it’s been a long process, almost 16 years”

The Chiaro family is dedicated to the revival of this great borough, and they aren't slowing down in their efforts. Joe Chiaro is running an event this Spring called “Souderton Eats!” Rather than acting like the typical restaurant week that many towns have, the idea behind Souderton Eats is to act as a community event and bring people together, over delicious food! Vendors outside of the food industry are also welcome! If you’re interested in this event, send an email to

The Burger Shop


(267)382-0903 •

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