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Sudz In A Bucket Business Spotlight

Winter has finally subsided, bringing an end to the slush and salt that soils your car. But now, spring brings a messy, yellowish-green film to take its place. Why spend your precious weekend scrubbing your car when you can have it done right at Sudz In A Bucket? With quality products like triple-foam conditioner, clear-coat sealant, and the secret Sudz super-shield formula, Sudz will have you zipping down the road in a clean, shiny car in no time.

Jerry Umstead partnered with Brian Keller to purchase the Sudz property on County Line Road, Souderton in 2008. They launched a massive overhaul of the existing outdated car wash and nearly doubled the size of the facility. After they were done, the only part of the original building still standing was Jerry’s office.

Sudz In A Bucket believes it is important to be a “green” business. Reclamation tanks under the front parking lot hold 4,500 gallons of rinse water. This water is run through a thorough filtration process and then used in a new wash cycle. Good for your car and good for our environment!

Sudz offers detailing which includes a complete hand wash of the vehicle, engine, door jams, and trunk/hatch jam. The entire vehicle is vacuumed and scrubbed followed by polishing, body-claying, and applying 100% Carnauba wax for a silky-smooth finish. The tires are treated with dressing, and the wheels are wiped to a sparkling, like-new shine.

The crown jewel of Sudz is the 24/7 automatic car wash. Folks who leave for work in the early morning hours or come home late in the day can go through the wash bay at their convenience. Kids will enjoy the ride through the automated process that allows you to stay inside your vehicle and enjoy the show. They’ll think it’s great fun and you’ll enjoy driving out in a sparkling, clean car.

This year, skip the self-wash in your driveway with the cumbersome bucket, kinked hose, and dirty sponge. Let Sudz In A Bucket work their magic so you and your fresh, clean car are on the road enjoying spring in our beautiful community.

Sudz In A Bucket


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