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Play It Out Escape Room Business Spotlight

We’re so glad Leah O’Leary nerded out over escape rooms and opened up Play It Out in Souderton.  She puts her creativity to good use devising game rooms.  Play it Out shares the Liberty Hall building with Broad Street Grind and Renew Design Group. 

Living in Souderton, she could see the revitalization effort was moving in the right direction.  “Souderton was getting fun.  We felt it was time to make it even more fun and bring something social to do in Souderton.”  

That’s what makes Play It Out escape rooms unique.  Players work through locks, search for clues, solve crimes, puzzles, and riddles.  Most importantly people get a great time out socially where they can interact with each other and have fun.  In the newest escape room, Professor’s Ransom, local history buffs will be intrigued to save Henry Souder’s relative from being kidnapped. 

Leah also announced that Play It Out is now offering livestream puzzle games.  A Game Master will lead you and your team in a live-hosted zoom to solve online puzzles with your friends.  Book an online game or order a gift card now at

Play It Out Escape Room

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