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Love Obsessed Business Spotlight

How did you become obsessed? For me it started when a friend invited me to join a Facebook group called Love Obsessed Nation. That was my first time shopping from a live sale. I never expected it to be so easy, so much fun, to include the occasional armadillo, to make me laugh out loud, and quickly feel a part of the group.

It was so exciting to actually sit down with Stacy Dill, the owner of Love Obsessed. Stacy’s love of Valentine’s Day and her jewelry brand inspired her to begin a women’s clothing boutique in 2012. Stacy decided to go after her dream after asking herself, “How can I tell my kids to go after their dreams if I’m afraid to go after my own?” She has now expanded to multiple locations including Quakertown, Lansdale, King of Prussia, and her hometown, Souderton.

Stacy knows what we want and hand selects all the styles. From unique leggings, graphic tees, and hoodies to that perfect dress for your special occasion, you can find it at Love Obsessed. More importantly Stacy and her friendly staff welcome all ages, sizes, and backgrounds. Love Obsessed is more than a shop, it’s a community of women who come together to celebrate each other.

You can catch all the new arrivals during the live sales, which are every Wednesday and Sunday at 6pm. Just like the clothing, each shop is unique and definitely worth a visit to see all that they have to offer. Remember all of the locations are open right now and stay tuned for the Love Obsessed App coming soon!

Love Obsessed


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