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Landis, Hunsberger, Gingrich, & Weik Law Firm Business Spotlight

Interview With Charlotte Hunsberger

Originally from Michigan, Charlotte Hunsberger started her life here with her husband, PA native, Steve Hunsberger, who is the Executive Director of the Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce. They both work hard to support our local businesses here in Souderton.

Charlotte has been with Landis, Hunsberger, Gingrich, & Weik for twenty years. Her main focus is Estate Planning, Real Estate, and Corporate Law, while still working with many Non-Profit Groups in the area. She’s ready for the unexpected, in fact that’s her favorite part of the job.

The Law Firm of Landis, Hunsberger, Gingrich, & Weik was started back in 1947 by Elvin Souder. The partners, Jeff Landis, Charlotte Hunsberger, Oliver Gingrich, and Dorothy Weik-Hange, also work with Bob Brickern and Brian Gourley to provide Souderton with quality legal representation including a wide range of practice areas. Their website has all the attorney profiles as well as a list of their many practice areas.

Top 5 - Ask The Expert

  1. What happens if I become sick? Charlotte says to plan for any potential illness or incapacity, make sure your Estate Planning Documents, Power of Attorney, and Living Will are updated and reviewed.

  2. What do I need to do to start a business? First, talk to an accountant to understand the tax implications and create a business plan. Second, an attorney can then help you understand the liability implications and whether you need to create an entity to make sure you’re protected.

  3. Are there new Real Estate requirements to deal with COVID-19? Whether you are a buyer or seller, Charlotte wants you to be aware of the new Disclosures that have been put in place. If you do not have a Realtor, an attorney can also help with the transaction. Title Insurance is required by a mortgage company to prove clear title and full ownership of the home. The title premium is set by the state and is the same wherever you go. LHGW does have a Title Company and they are able to hold settlements at the office.

  4. Covid-19 Regulations Affecting Business Charlotte recommends the for staying up on constantly changing regulations. Her firm can offer guidance on how to follow CDC guidelines and update your business practices. Specifically they can help update your Employee Handbooks and also give guidance on how to handle issues with mask wearing compliance.

  5. Remember Our Non-Profits – Our local Non-Profit groups are under increased pressures with trying to do more for the community while trying to protect their volunteers and continued large gathering limitations. Charlotte encourages us to think of how we can continue to give back during this time.

Landis, Hunsberger, Gingrich, & Weik Law Firm


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