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Downtown Scoop Business Spotlight

It feels like summertime, because Downtown Scoop of Souderton is officially open. Three years ago, Kevin and Angie Hange stepped in to continue Downtown Scoop’s mission of serving community. You can feel that community spirit at Downtown Scoop and they are often involved in local fundraising efforts. “We feel blessed and we want to pass it on.”

Their ice cream is special because it’s premium, small batch, and locally sourced from Shady Brook Farm and Del Val Market. It’s made fresh and with very little air, which makes it super creamy and dense enough to break a spoon. That’s a good thing according to Uncle Dave, who makes the ice cream, giving you more flavor in every bite.

Like many Soudertonians, Kevin and Angie’s favorite flavor is Billionaire Chocolate. It’s definitely worth a trip to Downtown Scoop with double the cocoa. Other top sellers include Salted Caramel, Vanilla Beanie, and Mint Flake. They always have 12 flavors including one non-dairy option sourced from Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia.

Right now they’re open for curbside pickup, which you can order by calling (215)882-3343. Flavors are listed on their website and you can get it by the cup, milkshake, float, and even pint. When you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, support local this season and visit Downtown Scoop!

Downtown Scoop

Small Batch, Premium, Locally Sourced


(215)882-3343 •

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