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To feel welcome. To feel part of a healthy community no matter where you are in your journey to self care. The only requirement for employment at Raw Replenish is to treat our customers with attention, love, a listening ear and support. We take our customers health and life experiences seriously. We are non judgmental in our approach and we aim to provide a cheerful and welcoming environment every single time you come in and visit us! We are happy to serve you on the fly or while you sit and hang out for a while. Without our customers we would not have growing brand!! Thank you for your business!!
Our grab and go food menu consists of a variety of freshly made plant based options. Our food prep is done daily and with careful attention to vitamin rich food combinations so each item you consume has a sole purpose: to nourish your entire being. We believe that “Food is Medicine” and a diet rich in plant foods will increase energy, vitality and overall quality of life. When you eat living foods, you feel more alive, it’s pretty simple! Most of our menu items are raw, but we do heat some of foods seasonally or by request (soups, toasts and pasta salads).
All of our juices are manufactured on site with the use of a commercial cold-press machine. At Raw Replenish we use a Good Nature cold-press machines to ensure you are getting a full vitamin and micronutrient extraction, where no heat is used during the process, which keeps the living enzyme content of the juices preserved naturally. Our juices are 100% raw, which means they are not High Pressure (HPP) or heat pasteurized. HPP or traditional pasteurization destroys the vitamin, nutrient and living enzyme content of the plant, which leaves you with a sugary, nutrient deficient end product. We take pride in serving you living juices. While you will see a “warning” label on our juices, we assure you that we are very careful about the time and temperature control of our juices and we are a Safe Food Handler Certified facility. Our juices are not being transported back and forth between stores. Each location cold-presses their own juices and they are refrigerated and dated promptly after press so they are safe to drink at all times. The risk of consuming a raw, unpasteurized juice is no different than the risk of consuming a fresh salad. Our safety protocols and quality assurance checks are woven into the fabric of how our kitchen operates on a daily basis. The average shelf life of our juices range from 5-7 days refrigerated and you can freeze our juices for up to 30 days to extend their shelf life without losing the vitamin and nutrient content. Our bottles are made from recyclable and compostable materials, so please compost properly or recycle after use.

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(267) 923-5014

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