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Warm Up in Montgomery County With Tilly Mint’s Tea Room in Souderton

Need a place to relax and forget your troubles? Need a hot cup of tea and warm scone? We’ve got just the place.

Nestled in the heart of Montgomery County, Tilly Mint’s Tea Room in Souderton calms the soul with adorable ambiance and soothing teas, comfort food, British imports, and so much more.

For Trish Stubbs, the owner of Tilly Mint’s, tea evokes a feeling of comfort and being loved.

It always reminds her of the familiar ritual her mom would go through when she made a pot of tea.

Her mother told her that if she was a very good girl, she could have tea in a glass, so Trish always sought to be as good as she could be and enjoyed tea with just about every meal of her childhood.

Her mother knew when tea was just the thing to sooth “Tilly Mint,” Trish’s nickname, and having tea with her mum always soothed her.

In honor of her mother, Trish aimed to create a soothing space where patrons can enjoy tea just as she had all those years with her mother. “I have been in business for 15 years this coming September,” Trish says. “Although it has been so crazy being short staffed right now with Covid quarantine, it has been really rough on us.”

Trish offers a new menu every two weeks and features two specialties each month. The main draw to the tearoom is the British-style tea. “Guests receive a three-tiered tray with tea sandwiches, scones, and desserts as well as choosing from our 50 varieties of tea,” Trish notes.

Our customers love the friendly atmosphere, the freshness of our food, the cleanliness of our restaurant, and the unique uniqueness that Tilly Mint’s Tea Room offer,” Trish states. “There are many things I love about the restaurant like getting to be creative every day and of course meeting all the very interesting and lovely loyal customers.”

Some of the teas the store offers are Black teas like Darjeeling, Lovers Leap, and Queen Elizabeth, which is blend to honor her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Their Green tea selection includes Lemon Green, Hyde Park Green, and Dragon’s Well which is China’s most famous tea boasting a distinctive sweetness.

Their Herbal Tisanes include Raspberry, Last Mango in Paris, Orange Vanilla Grove, and Yummy Berry. Tilly Mint Tea Room also offers decaffeinated teas, White Teas, and Oolong teas for everyone’s different tastes.

Tilly Mint’s Tea Room is located at 20 West Chestnut Street in Souderton, Pennsylvania.

Phone: 215-723-2620.

Check hours and COVID-19 protocols; currently closed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

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